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Who needs Feng Shui Art?

Feng Shui wall art is suitable for people of all types, regardless of gender, age, occupation, or status. In general, Feng Shui wall art can help promote positive energy and balance in the home, helping residents feel relaxed, happy, and successful in various areas, as follows:

What to enhance..

  • People who want to enhance wealth and good fortune should choose images with symbols that represent wealth, such as koi fish, waterfalls, dragons, or coins.

  • People who want to enhance health and well-being should choose images with trees, flowers, or beautiful landscapes.

  • People who want to enhance prosperity should choose images with birds, auspicious animals, or bright landscape paintings.

  • People who want to enhance love and relationships should choose images of couples, families, or warm atmospheres.


Where to hang Feng Shui

In addition, Feng Shui wall art can also help promote energy according to the different directions in the home, such as:

  • North: Related to career advancement, should choose images of mountains or waterfalls.

  • South: Related to reputation and honor, should choose images of birds or flowers.

  • East: Related to health and family, should choose images of trees or waterfalls.

  • Northwest: Related to stability and success, should choose images of dragons or elephants.

  • Southwest: Related to relationships and love, should choose images of couples or families.

Feng Shui in your home

Here are some examples of feng shui wall art that you can use in your home:

  • Living room: A painting of a waterfall, a mountain scene, or a group of animals such as horses or deer.

  • Bedroom: A painting of a couple in love, a family scene, or a tranquil landscape.

  • Office: A painting of a bamboo forest, a symbol of success and prosperity, or a painting of a bird, a symbol of opportunity.


Let's find your Feng Shui Wall Art