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How to choose right Wall Art for your home...

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Choosing a right picture for the walls of your home

Today's picture is one of the most important things to decorate your home. to be perfect and make the atmosphere of the house very pleasant. So if anyone is thinking of decorating a house. You must not forget the wall decorations or pictures on the walls.

Choosing an Wall Art for your home wall Here are some simple steps:

  1. Choose the picture you like.

  2. Choose the wall on which you want to mount the picture.

  3. choose the desired size

  4. Choose the frame you

Just this, you'll get a picture to hang on the wall. Easy, right?

1. Choosing the picture you like.

You should know that What style will you decorate your home? Then choose the image you like in that style.

Choose Wall Art

2. Select the wall that you want to attach Wall Art.

Wall, It's mostly a wall where you feel it's empty or you feel it. The wall was missing something. When selected, just measure the width of that wall and multiply by 0.7 according to the formula. This will get the size of the area that should be pictured. For example, the wall is 4.00 meters wide. The area for attaching the picture should not be more than 400 x 0.7 = 280 cm. This shouldn't be more than the calculated area

Wall Art Size Example I

3. Choose the size of the image to be attached.

From item 2, you have the size of the area you want to attach the wall art to. Then look at the selected picture. Try to draw a picture in your head. If the picture is large, 280 cm., do you like it? If not, try shrinking. then imagine until you are satisfied. When satisfied, you can set the size of the image.

Wall Art Size Example II

4. Choose the frame you like.

When you get the size you want Now comes the selection of the frame. In addition to the image that shows your style. Frames are also an important part of what style a photo looks like. For example, you choose a picture of Monet. Then add a modern frame (picture), you will get a modern style. if the same picture, but with a Louis-style frame (pictured), you'll get a classic or elegant wall-sliding picture. Frames play a very important role in defining a picture's style. If you are not sure Ask a photo frame shop you trust or a bonus gallery designer (chat button) to get the wall pictures you want.

Sample Frame

Louis Frame

Modern Frame

Sample of Wall Art Decoration

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