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Why we have to design WALL ART to narrow hallway...

Bonus Gallery has the answer..

THE CORRIDORS in the MODERN house most of them are narrow, light-colored slits, as in the picture. You can imagine. Us humans in general time to walk, like to put their hand on the wall. Especially, children white or light colored walls their hands are sweaty or may be stained. Then plow through the colorful walls. What will it be like? You can try to observe the house you currently live in. Areas that are walkways or areas with light switches It will be a black and gray blotches. That's because we don't know if our hands are sweaty or stained or not. And slid down the wall at first I couldn't see it, but as time went on The dust will settle in a patchy line..

Bonus Gallery has the ways to fix this..

by attaching pictures to the wall go into both sides When the image is attached No one will ever touch the wall again. for fear of damage Now your walls are clean.

NOW, what is the design?

Bonus Gallery recommendation..

1. Make two walls, FAMILY GALLERY

Choose family photo collection and let Bonus Gallery frames them. Then, you go and try to sort on the floor in front of the wall that will be attached. and hold the reference frame and start sticking thems.

2. Choose Your Style Wall Art from Bonus Gallery Catalogue.

Whatever your style is modern, minimalist, mid-century or elegant. Take a look at our Bonus Catalog, we have it all. And select the desired size. Prices start at only 590 baht per picture with frame only.

3. Design anything else and attach them.

Find out more ideat at

If you need help to design your WALL ART, please don't hesitate to contact us

Written by Wanchai